How to solve eclipse startup issue - "a jre or jdk must be available in order to run eclipse"?

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asked Aug 10, 2016 by Hitesh Garg (799 points)  

I have made some environmental changes because I was installing Hadoop on my system. Now whenever I run eclipse it throws the below error -

Eclipse startup error

What should I do to fix this issue and get my eclipse running?

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answered Sep 4, 2016 by Rahul Singh (682 points)  

I have faced such an issue before and setting Java vm directly in eclipse.ini solves my problem.
eclipse.ini file is lcoated in the same directory as your eclipse.exe.

Search for -vm in file and if it is available then add <your path to jdk|jre>/bin/javaw.exe in next line.

And if it is not avilable then add these lines at the end of the file

<your path to jdk|jre>/bin/javaw.exe

NOTE :- Pay attention that there are two different lines. Also make sure that the -vm option is before the -vmargs option (and of course after "openFile").