What is the equivalent of Java static methods in Kotlin?

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asked Feb 5, 2020 by Hitesh Garg (799 points)  

Since there is no static keyword in Kotlin.
How do I write static variables and methods in Kotlin?

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answered Feb 7, 2020 by Hitesh Garg (799 points)  
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"companion object" is the alternative for static fields and methods in Java.

So the java code like this:

class Foo {
  public static String a() { return "hello"; }

In kotlin will look like

class Foo {
  companion object {
     fun a() : String = "hello"

You can then use it from inside Kotlin code as

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answered Jun 4, 2021 by Stella Aldridge (20 points)  

I've got the same question when I learn java. Lucky you are, cause "companion" objects are really the most similar to what you're looking for. You may have a look here for more details https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/object-declarations.html#companion-objects.
It will be shown like Foo is Object Foo { ... } in Kotlin via its compiler.
This annotation - @JvmStatic is used in case you want the field to be static.

Hope it helps.