How to get Current TimeZone Name in SQL Server?

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asked Oct 31, 2017 by Hitesh Garg (355 points)  

I am trying to find the current timezone name of current SQL Server installation. Is there any query to do so?

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answered Oct 31, 2017 by Rahul Singh (553 points)  
selected Oct 31, 2017 by Hitesh Garg
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It is easy and a single query will do the work.

'TimeZoneKeyName',@TimeZone OUT
SELECT @TimeZone

Result -

      (No column name)
1    India Standard Time

If in the query you are not able to find the table then try appending the database and schema name as well like -

Change **xp_regread**  to **Master.dbo.xp_regread** 
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