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We have written detailed tutorials for the C Programming language. Now it is time to put our knowledge to practice and since we all know the best way to learn is by doing practice.

We advise you to read the article, understand what we want to implement, and also try these examples yourself. So, let’s go and put our knowledge to work. Happy learning 👍

Please find here Complete C Programming Tutorials.

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Basic C Programs

  1. “Hello World” Program in C
  2. How to Print an Integer, long, double entered by User in a C Program?
  3. Find Sum of first ‘n’ Natural numbers
  4. Print Nth Fibonacci number
  5. Check whether the given number is a Palindrome or Not
  6. Find the greatest of three numbers
  7. Find Factorial of a given number
  8. Find Prime Numbers in a given range
  9. Find if the number is Positive or Negative
  10. Check if the number is odd or even
  11. Find out the ASCII value of a character
  12. Check if the given number is an Armstrong Number
  13. Find the reverse of a number [Recursion and while loop]
  14. Check whether an alphabet is a vowel or consonant
  15. Find the size of int, float, double and char
  16. C Program to check leap year
  17. Display palindrome numbers in a given range

Strings Programs

  1. Convert a string from lowercase to uppercase
  2. Convert a string from Uppercase to Lowercase
  3. Concatenate string without using strcat()
  4. b without using strlen()
  5. Sort String characters in alphabetically ascending order
  6. Find the reverse of a String using recursion
  7. Sort a set of strings in ascending alphabetical order

Array Programs

  1. Sort array in ascending order
  2. Find the largest element of the given array
  3. Find the sum of array elements
  4. Find the number of elements in an array

Pointer Programs

  1. Find the largest of three numbers using Pointers
  2. Count vowels and consonants in a string using a pointer
  3. Print String using Pointer
  4. Swap two Numbers using Pointers
  5. Create, Initialize and Access a Pointer variabl

Calculation Based Programs

  1. Multiply two floating numbers
  2. Find the average of two numbers
  3. Find out Quotient and Remainder
  4. Calculate the value of nPr for a given value of n & r
  5. Caclulate the value of nCr for a given value of n & r

Number System Conversion Programs

  1. How to convert a number from decimal to binary?
  2. How to convert a number from binary to decimal?
  3. How to convert a number from decimal to octal?
  4. How to Convert Octal to Decimal?
  5. How to Convert Binary to Octal?
  6. How to Convert Binary to Octal?

Geomtric System Programs

  1. How to find the Area and Circumference of the Circle in C?
  2. How to find the Area of an Equilateral Triangle?

Structures and Union

  1. How to Add two Distances (in inch-feet system) using Structures?

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