Algorithms and Data Structures play a major role in our programming world. A series of tutorials is presented for you for better understanding of algorithms. We have used very simple language and examples to increase the effectiveness in learning. Hope you will like it.

Note :- All the tutorials already visited/read will be marked in red color.

Basics of Algorithms

  1. What are Algorithms and why are they of utter importance?

Searching Algorithms

  1. Linear Search Algorithm and its Implementation
  2. Binary Search Algorithm- Fundamentals, Implementation and Analysis

Sorting Algorithms

  1. Selection Sort Algorithm and its Implementation
  2. Bubble Sort Algorithm and its Implementations
  3. Insertion Sort Algorithm – Explanation, Complexity and Implementation
  4. Binary Insertion Sort – Explanation and Implementation
  5. Merge Sort Algorithm – Explanation, Implementation and Complexity
  6. Quick Sort Algorithm – Explanation, Implementation, and Complexity
  7. Heap Sort Algorithm – Explanation and Implementation
  8. Shell Sort Algorithm- Explanation, Implementation and Complexity
  9. Counting Sort – Explanation, Pseudocode and Implementation
  10. Radix Sort – Explanation, Pseudocode and Implementation

Dynamic Programming

  1. A tutorial on Dynamic Programming (DP) Approach

Greedy Algorithms

  1. Dijkstra’s Algo – single source shortest path Implementation, Pseudocode & Explanation

Since you have reached here, we hope you like the tutorial series, do comment out your findings and how helpful the tutorials were or any concerns, issues etc.

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