How to access God Mode in Windows 7 or later – A Master control panel

Since a while everybody is talking about “God Mode” and everybody is fascinated about this new windows feature introduced since windows 7. Although it is named very exaggeratedly named but this God Mode is omnipresent. It is actually a hidden windows feature(I accept for the good computer geeks this is not a hidden feature as they will always find their way through registry settings).

This God Mode provides you a list of 100’s of settings from all around your system. Now you will say what’s new in that I can always access it through the Control Panel but this God Mode provides you a expanded list of all the features in the control panel and saves you from traditional way of navigating the control panel as it is very tedious.

So let’s discuss a complete step by step process of creating a God Mode on your desktop(you can make it anywhere, desktop is just for example).

  1. Create a folder – Right click the Desktop -> click New -> then click Folder.

    God Mode Steps
    God Mode Steps

  2. Rename the folder with a sequence – Copy God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, then right click the folder you created, select Rename( OR press F2 – a shortcut to rename anything), and replace its name with that by pasting over the original name. Press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the change.
  3. Observe the icon change to the icon of control panel and if you don’t observe then refresh your screen.

    God Mode - Control Panel
    God Mode – Control Panel

NOTE The name “God Mode” is not just necessary you can provide any name instead of god mode but the sequence along with the brackets must be same.

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Gary Mack
Gary Mack
9 years ago

worked like a charm on 8.1, thks

George Spelvin
7 years ago

There is no “god mode”; it’s just a list of things you can already access if you use the Start Menu’s built-in search. Everything is already there.

Mike MS
7 years ago

By mistake i renamed it in win 10 as “od Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. than it changed in od mode and it’s working.

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