how to kick-out unwanted users from your WiFi network & protect yourself

Hi Guys, welcome back !! Is your internet connection started to slow down? Does your router’s “status” page show a large list of devices connected (other than your devices) ?

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CAUTION !! You might have been hacked !!! 😛

Any person even without any basic knowledge on networking can hack into your WiFi network. There are lots of automated tools out there to make it easy for them to do this.

It’s your responsibility to keep your WiFi network secured. If the attacker uses this for some free internet connection it is still OK (maybe little irritating). But if he/she is doing this with some malicious intent, then you are at risk !!

There are three main risks if your WiFi network is compromised :-

  • They can go further and try to access your router page which mostly has a factory default username and password. If they are in, it means you are OUT !!
  • They can use it for some illegal online activities !! If law enforcement traces them back, you will be the one who will be convicted.
  • And the last but the most dangerous one is, if the attacker is a pro level hacker then you are in trouble. They don’t need your free internet connection. They need you, they can conduct lots of attacks. Once they are in your network they can monitor your online traffic, can attempt to conduct an MITM(Man in the middle) attacks and a lot more.

You don’t want to let this happen right??

This internet ocean is not so mean to us. Like they get free tools online to attack us we have some great free tools to defend us as well ! Yes, today I’m going to show you one such tool which can be used by any user to kick out these unwanted users from your network.

And in my next article, I’ll show you some best practices to make your WiFi network unbreakable .


I don’t usually encourage you to use third party software but this is an awesome one. It’s called Netcut, a project by It is generally used by admins of the home network to monitor the IP and MAC list of the devices connected to the network.

wifi hacks

It can execute several tasks like list IP-MAC table in seconds, turn off & on the network on any computer on your LAN including any device like router or switcher, it just cuts off them from the network. It works based on the Address Resolution Protocol- ARP spoofing (you can know more about ARP protocol and its spoofing from here).

You can get its latest version from its official site from here i.e. Netcut from

After downloading it, it is very simple to install, just select the installation location and click next for several times and you are done. Once when you are done just follow the simple steps to kick out the unwanted users:

  • Once you run this program it will list all the connected devices in a second using the ARP protocol.
  • Now its time to find which one is the intruder !!
  • For this, first, you need to know all the IP address of your own devices including router and mobile phones.
  •  For system if its windows go to “run -> cmd -> ipconfig” , you will get your IP and router’s IP which is the default gateway. For Linux and Mac go to your terminal and type ifconfig to know your IP.

  • And in Android mobiles you can go to settings ->about phone -> status -> and under “IP address” you can find it.wifihack
  • Once you have lists all your IP address check for the black sheep in the list made by Netcut.
  • Select the IP address of the intruder and click cut off to cut his access to your network. The target system icon in the list will change from blue to red.cutoff
  • And to resume the internet connection, select the IP address click resume.resume
  • That’s it you can knock out any user on the network now !!

And how to defend from this cutoff attack ??

Now a new question will arise, what if the attacker does the same to us and knock us out ?? Netcut provides you one additional cool feature, It can protect you from its own attack !!

Just click the tick mark “protect my computer” to defend yourself from ARP spoofing.



Note: This software works fine in windows 7 to 8.1, I faced few issues while running this program in windows 10. There is also an android version of Netcut but you need root access to run the program.

So that’s all for this tutorial. Hope this helps and you like the tutorial. Do ask for any queries in the comment box and provide your valuable feedback.
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Keep Hacking!! 🙂

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