Here’s how much Google paid Indian to buy back who bought it for a minute.

Sanmay Ved, an Indian guy who bought domain last year at just the cost of 12$ is paid by Google an amount of $6006.13, the company announced in a blog post on BlogSpot.

Initially Google announced that he will not receive any compensation for the bug due to which he was able to buy i.e. the most famous domain name) domain, but, later on, realising that he had actually managed to buy the domain name, google finally decided to pay the exact amount of $6006.13.

According to Business Insider, Sanmay donated the money he got from Google to a charity named The Art of Living. On hearing, this Google doubled the amount and paid $12012.26.

$6006.13 sounds to be a peculiar number and it turns out that 6006.13 would be leetspeak (L33T) for the word Google i.e. “Google” spelled with numbers.

When Google first told him he wouldn’t get any money as a result of the accidental transaction, he said it was fine – he’d rather it be donated to charity anyways. Sanmay shows that people who find bugs, they don’t always do it for money.

The blog post details Google’s security awards program, where it awards people who find security flaws and bugs within Google. According to the post, the company gave out over $2 million in 2015 to over 300 researchers.

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