‘Smart Gloves’ To Let You Touch Virtual Reality – GLOVEONE

After sensing virtual reality through sight and sound this Spain-based technology company, NeuroDigital Technologies, has designed Gloveone, and this allows you to touch the virtual objects, thanks to a new pair of gloves.

Gloveone are not any ordinary gloves, but smart-gloves; there are a series of embedded sensors on the gloves to give the user a feel of what its like to hold a virtual object.

From watching animation movies to playing 2D animated games to the innovation of high-end graphic cards, to life like graphics, Virtual reality has in a way come to life. Before this players were unable to feel the games but now this will also change, we can virtually go to places we love and not only see them but actually we can now feel them, cold on the mountains, sunshine on the beach, raindrops, catching butterfly and what not. This new tech will really change the world with its sensation.

This technology translates touch sensations into vibrations and each pair has 10 sensors placed in the palm and fingertips. Four of those sensors, located in the palm, thumb, index and middle fingers, can detect each other, letting you fire a gun or grab an apple. Isn’t it a lot exciting.

These sensors are further connected and provide sensation that is like feeling a real object.

The gloves also include a 9-Axis inertial measurement unity (IMU) sensor, which can be placed beneath the gloves. An IMU sensor, often used to manoeuvre aircraft, can record velocity, orientation and gravitational forces using accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.

In the Gloveone, the IMU sensor will track your hands within the virtual world to offer a more realistic experience. The company describes the sensation of wearing these gloves as a “realistic perceptual illusion”, meaning that you can’t feel the weight of a virtual object the same as it is in real life, but you can compare weights within the virtual world.

People can buy the gloves fitted in three sizes. Each “anti-bacterial, sweat-proof” pair features a Bluetooth wireless connection and offers more than four hours of battery life. Only thing, you will have to wait till 2016 before you enjoy the experience through Gloveon.

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