How to Convert a list of Tuples into Dictionary in Python?

A dictionary in Python is a collection of key-value pairs. Sometimes we may have a list of tuples, where each tuple represents a key-value pair, and we may want to convert it into a dictionary. In this Python example, we will discuss how to convert a list of tuples.

Some of the topics which will be helpful for understanding the program implementation better are:


Input :  
people = [('John', 25), ('Jane', 30), ('Mike', 40)] 
Output : 
 "John" : 25,
 "Jane" : 30,
 "Mike" : 40

1. Using a for loop

We can create an empty dictionary and iterate through the list of tuples, adding each tuple to the dictionary as a key-value pair.

Now let’s implement a program to convert list of tuples to a dictionary using for loop.

# Using a for loop
people_dict = {}
people = [('John', 25), ('Jane', 30), ('Mike', 40)] 
for person in people:
    people_dict[person[0]] = person[1]
{'John': 25, 'Jane': 30, 'Mike': 40}

2. Using dict constructor

This is a one-line implementation of the previous example. We will use list comprehension to iterate through the tuples and create a dictionary using the dict constructor

# Using dictionary comprehension
people = [('John', 25), ('Jane', 30), ('Mike', 40)] 
people_dict = dict((person[0], person[1]) for person in people)
{'John': 25, 'Jane': 30, 'Mike': 40}

3. Using the zip() function

We can use zip() to combine the first elements of tuples into a list, and the second element of the tuples into a list, and then pass these lists to the dict() constructor.

# Using the zip() function
people = [('John', 25), ('Jane', 30), ('Mike', 40)] 
keys, values = zip(*people)
people_dict = dict(zip(keys, values))
{'John': 25, 'Jane': 30, 'Mike': 40}

4. Conclusion

In this Python example, we have explored three different methods to convert a list of tuples into a dictionary in Python.

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