Interview Puzzles Set 14 – The Ill Pill | Count the Siblings

Great Design is the offspring of great logic and emotion.

-M. Cobanli

Algorithmic thinking is really important as it enhances your thinking skills and can be nurtured with practice. (Refer the tutorial to know more about Algorithmic Thinking and try the puzzles before moving on to the solutions.)

Solutions for the previous problems

Puzzle 13.1 Solution – Find The Murderer

Correct Answer: JASON is the murderer

Explanation: The code 7891011 definitely has something to do with identifying the murderer. If we analyze it carefully, these are numbers 7,8,9,10,11. We’ll just do trial and error and think about various possibilities. If we see these numbers as month numbers and extract the first alphabets of those months, July, August, September, October, November we’ll get the word JASON, who’s a suspect. Thus we conclude that Jason is the murderer.

Puzzle 13.2 Solution – Find The Murderer 2

Correct Answer:  The cook is the Killer

Explanation: This is a rather easy question. The main idea is to pay attention to all the basic details and then analyze according to the given scenario. If we observe all the details, we’ll get to know that the Cook is the killer as we don’t cook breakfast in the afternoon.

Puzzle 13.3 Solution – Find the Weights 2

Correct Answer:  The weights are one, three, nine and twenty-seven.

Explanation: Since there can be only four blocks, the weights one, two, four and eight won’t help. So, we can divide it into four blocks of weight 1, 3, 9 and 27.

1 kg weight can be measured directly.

2 kg weight can be measured by placing 1kg block with the weight and measuring against 3kg block.

3 kg can be measured directly.

4 kg weight can be measured by measuring against 1 kg and 3 kg block (together).

5 kg weight can be measured by placing 1kg and 3 kg block with the weight and measuring against 9kg block.

Similarly we can weigh upto 40 kg( 27 + 9 + 3 + 1 ).

Solving these puzzles is fun, isn’t it? So, wear your logic caps and get ready for your next brain workout:

Interview puzzles
Interview puzzles

Quiz 14.1  – The Ill Pill

A doctor has prescribed a man to take a mixture of one green pill and one blue pill in water and drink it daily at bedtime. But one day, the man mixes two green pills and one blue pill. He can’t drink the mixture as taking more than the prescribed mixture will have an ill effect on his health. Since, the pills are very expensive, the man doesn’t wanna waste it as well. Can you resolve the man’s problem? 

Just think about it and post your answer in the comments. I’ll explain this in the next tutorial.

Solution Added – Solution of “The Ill pill” puzzle

Quiz 14.2 – Siblings

In a family, every girl has as many sisters as brothers where as every boy has twice the number of sisters as brothers. How many boys and girls are there in the family?  

Just think about it and post your answer in the comments.

Solution Added – Solution of “Count the Siblings” puzzle

So start thinking and comment answer to the questions asked above and wait for the next post for the solutions.
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Keep Learning. Happy Learning 🙂 

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