An Introduction to Python – Creating your first Program

Are you a beginner with a little or no prior experience in Programming? Then this might be the correct place for you to learn a new programming language – the most awesome of all – Python.

Python is one of the most popular languages by now and is used extensively in development, scientific research projects, and competitive programming.

It surely has a very great future ahead because of the following advantages over other languages –

  • Simple code – The code written in python in easily understandable and quite clear as compared to other languages like C++,Java,etc.
  • No need of explicit declaration of types – Python doesn’t need many special keywords and defining every single data type each time
  • In-Built Libraries and Functions – In Python we have many inbuilt libraries and function to perform various computations and operations
  • It has a very great support for building web applications – Many frameworks of Python, including Django,Flask etc. have become a very big platform in web development nowadays

This language has a very wide application over the different sectors in IT Industry.

Before getting started with the programming, we need to choose compiler for python. Here is a list of some online Python compilers which are available –

They are easy to compile and run.

Here we will be learning about Python version 3.x (e.g. Python 3.4)

Let’s make our first program in Python, The standard “Hello World!” program.

print(“Hello World!”)
Hello World!

And it’s done!

As simple as that.

In the next tutorial, I’ll be explaining things such as different data types, taking inputs etc.

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